Again, it’s been a while

I need to blog more often.  I am inspired the blogs I follow, and in reading them lately, they are helping me to stay aware of my eating and give me new insights on how I perceive life in general.

Since I’ve last blogged, I’ve become a grandmother.  I traveled out to Colorado to be with my daughter and son-in-law while she gave birth to my grandson.  Quite an experience, not only to see my new grandson (and his mom & dad!) but just the flying across the country to an area I’ve never been and taking it all in.  But, the experience did have it’s ill effects on my physically…

…namely on how my body reacts to high altitudes.  I am used to living at sea level and going to an area that’s literally more than a mile high can induce altitude sickness,  of which I had a mild case.  Never gave it a thought; I was all set with packing an ample supply of exercise gear, I made sure there was a Planet Fitness within a reasonable driving distance,  and when I got the opportunity, I went there.  After 1/2 hour, I thought I was going to die from fatigue.  Well, I thought — I hadn’t had much sleep in the three weeks in preparing for the trip (namely the paperwork I had to have ready in my absence at work) and in preparing for the flights, because I hadn’t flown in 26 years and was quite unfamiliar with the procedures.  Yeah, that’s what was going on — nerves and lack of sleep…

…or so I thought.  After a few nights of a relatively good night’s sleep, I went to the gym again.  This time I worked out for an hour.  Again, I thought I was going to die.  It was then I wondered if a change in altitude was a culprit as to how I was feeling.  Sure enough,  the symptoms I experienced were documented on Web MD and other places.  I found out it can become life-threatening if the symptoms progressed to things like brain swelling.  Okay….no more exercise for me until I get home.  My daughter doesn’t need a sick mom and a newborn at the same time.

Along with no exercise and being stuck in the house, more or less, I got bored.  There’s only so much one can do, and naturally I turned to food.  And it was quite high calorie and a lot of it.  I probably gained a good 7 lbs in those 3 weeks I was out there.

Out of routine, back home, readjusting, relationship problems, I was still in the food/exercise funk.

After reading other people’s weight loss blogs, I went back to what’s tried and true for me — counting my calories (with a high percentage of it being protein), at least 3 quarts of water, and an hour of cardio (to burn at least 400 calories).  So far, I’ve lost about a lb.

Every journey begins with a small step.  With that small step I’ve begun my journey again.



4 thoughts on “Again, it’s been a while

      1. Have you tried not dieting and instead finding an activity to get “obsessed” over? An activity you find so rewarding and fun that you’ll want to do whenever you get the chance. Clients who have tried group activities, hiking, mountain climbing, cycling, swimming etc have had their weight trend down as a side effect to being active.


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