A New Direction

During the past few weeks I’ve been embarking in a new direction for my food plan and weight loss.  I’ve been reading up on the idea of “intentional eating” where I would slow down and savor what I’m eating, eat things that I truly like (I’m trying to concentrate on healthy things as much as I can), and recognize when I’m full.  No food is off limits, but there are some where I just can’t keep my hands off (Reeses peanut butter cups and Cumberland Farms’ whoopie cookies — those of you from areas in eastern and central NY know what I’m talking about).  They are my extreme downfall, and for now, I’m laying off of them.

The goal of intentional eating is listening to your body’s signals to tell you when you’re full.  In part, it is also a way to reset your metabolic thermostat ruined by years of yo-yo dieting.  I’m doing this to get my body to the healthy weight it’s meant to be.

I’m at the age where obesity can lead to some serious health problems very quickly.  I’m diabetic, my parents died of cardiovascular disease in their mid-fifties (and I’m real close to that); I understand obesity can lead to cancer as well.  I don’t want to spend the second half of my life with these health problems.  I’ve got enough to deal with my joints giving me problems (probably caused, in part, by obesity, as well).

So, we’ll see how this goes!



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